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Outside General Counsel Attorney in Mt. Vernon

Outside General Counsel Attorney in Mt. Vernon

A Flexible Support Option for Your Business

Any company could benefit from having an attorney on its side. Hiring someone with legal knowledge and experience could protect a business owner's interests in matters related to contracts, employees, intellectual property, and business structure. They can also help with local, state, and federal regulation compliance. In fact, many large companies have a legal department staffed by one or more attorneys for this very reason.

As good for your business's security as it may be to have an attorney on your staff, it's not always necessary or financially feasible. As a business owner or entertainment professional, you may find that you only deal with legal matters under certain circumstances or for a limited time during the year. If you're an entrepreneur, you may only want a lawyer on retainer while you're in start-up mode.

There are many reasons why contracting with an outside attorney is a more expedient option, so whatever yours may be, reach out to The Browne Firm. We work with experienced business owners, entrepreneurs, and entertainment professionals as their outside general counsel attorney in Mt. Vernon. Whatever your business' legal needs are, we'll work with you to deliver relevant and cost-effective solutions.

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Responding to Legal Matters Concerning Your Business

If you're thinking about contracting with an outside lawyer in Westchester County, know that you're thinking about making the right decision for your business. Hiring Danielle Browne of The Browne Firm to act as your outside general counsel attorney in Mt. Vernon means you can have more time to focus on developing your business.

We have the knowledge, experience, and time necessary to help you assess your company's legal standing in a variety of matters such as:

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Contract agreements and compliance
  • Consumer privacy compliance
  • Corporate governance compliance
  • Employment law compliance
  • Intellectual property protection and compliance

We will stay apprised of all legal actions that can impact your company in Westchester County and we'll report the status of legal affairs to you and other executives. Should taking legal action be necessary, we'll offer advice or solutions to help you take the next step.

If your company could use an outside general counsel attorney in Mt. Vernon, contact The Browne Firm online now or call (914) 530-3070.


The Browne Firm Is Here for You

Contact The Browne Firm today if you’re an entrepreneur or business owner who needs an attorney in Westchester County who can help you resolve matters concerning business law and estate planning. We’re a legal service provider with offices in Mt. Vernon and Manhattan that can help you defend the assets and property that help make your businesses what it is. Our services can also offer security for your family when they look toward the future.

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