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Contract Attorney in Mt. Vernon

Contract Attorney in Mt. Vernon

Offering Assistance with Legal Agreements in Westchester County

Well prepared, binding contracts are at the cornerstone of any successful business. That's because these legally enforceable agreements outline the obligations that parties have to one another. Written contracts include information on goods and services each party must provide, and can clarify prohibited actions of each party.

For example, your company may need to rent a storefront or workspace and need to sign a lease with a landlord. If you hire any employees, you will need to have an employment agreement prepared before you hire them. You may also need to sign contracts with other businesses to procure products and services that are vital to your own.

Contracts are everywhere in business law and entertainment law. It is important to protect your business against entering into a contract that puts you at an unfair disadvantage. The Browne Firm can provide you legal advice on any contract law matters.

Our business contract lawyer in Mt. Vernon believes in offering proactive assistance to our clients. Helping you draft and review legal agreements can lessen the potential of agreeing to a bad deal or facing a lawsuit.

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We Can Handle Any Kind of Business Agreement

At the Browne Firm, we can construct or review contracts relevant to your large or small business in Westchester County. Such legal agreements can include the following types of contracts and more:

  • Partnership Agreements – Spell out how you and your business partners will be obligated to the company. This can include which aspects of the business each partner will cover. This can also include their share of profits, debts, and liability.
  • LLC Operating Agreements – Outline the financial and labor responsibilities of a limited liability company's members with an operating agreement. Among other topics, this contract can define how to organize the company, change members, or dissolve the company.
  • Shareholder Agreements – Determine how your corporation will operate by arranging this contract to outline shareholders' rights and obligations to the company.
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements – Safeguard important company information and property. If your company uses proprietary methods or has valuable intellectual property, a well-crafted NDA can help protect them.

For more information about legal agreements that can impact your business, contact our contract lawyer in Mt. Vernon at The Browne Firm today by calling (914) 530-3070.


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