Navigating Medicaid Planning:

A Comprehensive and Essential Guide Offered by The Browne Firm, a Leading New York Law Firm

Navigating the intricacies of Medicaid planning and asset protection can be daunting. But with The Browne Firm, a premier New York law firm experienced in Medicaid planning, you’re in good hands. Our new eBook, “Navigating Medicaid Planning: A Comprehensive and Essential Guide to Protecting Your Health and Your Assets,” is here to be your guiding light. 

About the eBook: 

This essential guide is a must-read for those looking to protect their assets while navigating Medicaid planning in New York. You’ll gain insights into Community Medicaid, Institutional Medicaid, their eligibility requirements, asset transfer rules, and strategic planning methods. 

Key Takeaways: 

By reading this brief but info-packed eBook, you will learn and understand: 

  • Differences between Community Medicaid and Institutional Medicaid 
  • Eligibility requirements for Medicaid in New York 
  • Complex rules of asset transfers and the look-back period 
  • Strategies for effective Medicaid planning and asset protection 
  • Common Medicaid planning mistakes to avoid 

About the Author: 

Authored by Danielle Browne, the founder of The Browne Firm PLLC, this eBook is informed by her vast experience in estate planning, Medicaid planning, and her deep commitment to strengthening her community. Danielle is a trusted legal advocate in New York, and she understands the importance of protecting generational wealth and making sound Medicaid plans. 


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