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Mt. Vernon Business Formation Attorney

Mt. Vernon Business Formation Attorney

Helping You Get Your Company Started Near Westchester County

Whether this is your first business or another of many, business formation can be an exciting prospect. Even so, your thrill may be mitigated by the reality of developing the legal framework and licensing to get your company off the ground.

Important considerations you need to think about during business formation may include the following and more:

  • How large you're willing to let your company become
  • How many employees you'll expect to have
  • What your tax liability will be
  • What your personal liability for the company will look like

At The Browne Firm, we can not only help you choose a business structure to get your company started, but we can help you create a long term business plan and strategy to gude your business or attrack investors. We offer extensive legal services in business law to companies throughout Westchester County.

If you intend to publicize your company through a sweepstakes campaign, our business formation lawyer in Mt. Vernon can help you understand the laws that govern such promotional endeavors.

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Building a Road Map for Your Business

There are many aspects of your business that may be legally required to establish – registering its name, picking a structure, and adhering to regulations – but what's not legally required is establishing how you'll run your business on a day-to-day basis.

Guessing as you go along may not be the best way to handle your investment. At The Browne Firm, we can work with you to help you build a business plan and strategy that can give your company the guiding light it may need when you've just begun.

Our business formation attorney in Mt. Vernon can help you build a business plan and strategy that can answer these important questions:

  • What is the scope of my business and what goals should it have?
  • How will I or other employees work to achieve our goals?
  • What are my company's financial assets and liabilities?
  • Who is my competition?
  • What kind of impact do I want my business to have?
  • How can I make my business stand out from my competitors?

Business Structures You Can Choose

For many business owners, the first task to complete is choosing a business structure that best aligns with their plan or strategy. While there are many business structures in use throughout the country, four main types are in common use.

Four commonly implemented structures for entity formation are:

  • Sole Proprietorships: This type of business is nearly indistinguishable from its owner. The owner can personally reap all of its profits, but they're also on the hook for all its debts. This may be the quickest, most cost-efficient way for entrepreneurs to start a business, but they should be mindful that they can be held personally liable for any of the business' actions.
  • Partnerships: A partnership can be formed when two or more people enter into business together. Typically a partnership agreement will be drafted before business begins to outline each partner's stake in the company's profits, losses, and liabilities.
  • Limited Liability Companies: With an LLC, owners are considered “members” and may not be held personally liable for all the business' actions or debts. As with a partnership, members may draft an agreement to detail provisions for management and distributions of profits and losses.
  • Corporations: A corporation is a complex business structure that affords a company with rights, privileges, and liabilities that may extend beyond a single individual's. Structuring your company as a corporation can lead to tax benefits and other perks, but you will lack the kind of control you have over your business that's present in other structures.

Your Legal Guide to Running a Sweepstakes Contest

Businesses can successfully market themselves to the general public or a target audience with a sweepstakes contest. This type of event typically involves awarding a prize based on chance. Choosing to use this promotional tool is up to you, but The Browne Firm can help you understand the laws around sweepstakes so you can protect your company.

After we help you ensure that your sweepstakes complies with applicable laws and regulations, we'll work with you to draft relevant disclaimers and contracts that can guard your company against unnecessary legal claims and future litigation.

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