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Protecting Your Business Interests in Legal Agreements

The cornerstone of any successful business is made up of the contracts that govern its internal structure and relationship with outside parties. Such legally enforceable agreements specify the obligations you have to your business partners, employees, vendors, and other entities as well as their obligations to you. Whether it's a matter of business formation, a lease, employment agreement, or a buy-sell agreement, make sure your bases are covered with help from The Browne Firm.

Our contract attorney in Yonkers can help entrepreneurs and entertainment professionals like you. Your business is especially reliant on contracts such agreements can concern the control over what you create or even your performative talents. If you want us to look over a contract before signing or help you negotiate terms, we can be your dedicated legal advocate.

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Need Assistance with a Business Contract?

The Browne Firm can help you review, negotiate, or create legal agreements that govern relationships within your company as well as those with outside parties.

Important business contracts we commonly assist business owners with include:

  • LLC Operating Agreements, which describe the liabilities and responsibilities of the owning members of an limited liability company, as well as their stake in the company.
  • Partnership Agreements, which can determine how the partners of a business are each responsible and liable to it. These agreements also commonly lay out the share each partner has in company profits.
  • Shareholder Agreements, which determine how a corporation will operate and which rights and obligations each shareholder has to the company.
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements, which can protect important information about a company such as its business plan, proprietary methods, and other valuable intellectual properties.
  • Noncompete Agreements, which can protect your company by preventing employees from working for a competitor for a certain period after leaving your company.
  • Employment Agreements, which outline your company's relationship to an employee and the employee's obligations to perform for your company.
  • Vendor Agreements, which govern the exchange of goods and services between your company and another business or individual.

These items only represent a few of the business contracts you might find yourself involved in during the normal course of business. For help with any of these or another legal agreement involving your company or business in general, reach out to the contract attorney in Yonkers at The Browne Firm for help.

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