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Sound, strong contracts form the foundational spine of any successful business. Legally enforceable agreements govern practically all of the relationships and actions of your company, including those with your employees, other businesses, and independent contractors. Any lease or rental agreement you enter to procure a workspace requires a contract. So does hiring any employees or independent contractors, who will each require employment agreements. If you rely on other businesses for products or services essential to your business’s supply chain, you will likely need a contract to establish a working relationship.

All this to say, contracts are present in just about every manner of conducting business, and a poorly constructed or misunderstood legal agreement can quickly spell disaster for your company. You may not have the time, patience, or knowledge to scrutinize every line of every contract relevant to your business’s operations, which is where The Browne Firm comes in. Our Manhattan contract attorney can help draft and proactively review your business’s legal agreements with the goal of preventing unintended legal consequences and ensuring every contract supports a positive outcome for your company.

If you have contracts in need of review or would like help drafting a legal agreement, do not hesitate to contact us onlineor call (914) 290-5622.

We Handle All Kinds of Business Contracts

We at The Browne Firm can prepare or analyze whatever contract your business needs to conduct its business. Some of those legal agreement types include (but are not limited to):

  • Shareholder agreements. Establishes how your business will operate by breaking down shareholders’ rights and obligations to the company.
  • Non-disclosure agreements. Protects proprietary company ideas, information, assets, and property from being erroneously shared with competitors or the public.
  • Partnership agreements. Governs how business partners’ obligations to the company, including determining who controls what and delineating shares of profits, debts, and liabilities.
  • LLC operating agreements. Defines the labor and financial responsibilities of a limited liability company’s members, including specifying how the LLC is organized, procedures and limits on adding or removing members, and steps on how the company can be dissolved.

If you have questions about contracts crucial to your business, contact our Manhattan contract attorney at The Browne Firm. Remember, strong contracts make a strong company. Dial (914) 290-5622 or contact us onlinetoday.

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    Estate Planning
    “Working with The Browne Firm was nothing short of great!”

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    “Thank you so much for helping with our company's contracts!”

    - Tonia Elvin

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