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The Browne Firm strives to be the first choice of business owners and creative entrepreneurs requiring legal assistance as they build and grow their companies. Starting a business is no small endeavor, and we understand how important it is to cover all of your bases.

The Browne Firm can provide your business with legal assistance no matter your experience level, whether this is a burgeoning start-up or a mature company. Some of the areas we practice in include:

  • Intellectual property
  • Contracts
  • Business formation
  • Outside general counsel

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Intellectual Property

When you or your company develops a proprietary idea or creation, you want to make sure it is protected. The Browne Firm can give you legal guidance on how to solidify and preserve the rights to your company's creations.

We can help secure your business's intellectual property in any of the following categories:

  • Company name
  • Company logo
  • Products
  • Copyrights

We also offer assistance in establishing trademarks, handling copyright problems, and retaining your rights over the things your company owns and creates.


Contractual agreements between employees, other businesses, and independent contractors can form the bedrock of a new business, so it is essential they are prepared and reviewed correctly. The Browne Firm can help your company draft and review contracts of all types. As a business owner, you likely do not have the bandwidth or sometimes even knowledge to inspect and analyze every nuance of an agreement, but our legal team can make sure your contracts are sound, perform their intended function, and avoid any unintended legal consequence.

Business Formation

The Browne Firm can guide you through each step of forming numerous types of business, including identifying the benefits and drawbacks to each business structure category.

Some of the business structures we have established include:

  • Limited liability companies (LLCs)
  • Sole proprietorships
  • C or S corporations
  • Partnerships

Choosing the right business structure is paramount, as it determines how your company can be run and the extent of its tax liabilities. Should your business ever face legal action, your business structure determines the extent of your personal liability. It also impacts how and whether your business is licensed at the local, state, and federal level, as well as the types of specialized professionals permitted to work for you.

Our legal team at The Browne Firm can evaluate the goals of your business and help you decide which structure is most advantageous to your needs. We will walk you through each step of the licensing and application process and work to expediently get your business up and running.

Outside General Counsel

If you operate a smaller business or have a smaller budget for legal affairs, hiring outside general counsel can give your business the legal services it needs without incurring the costs of retaining a full-time legal team. Your business can hire The Browne Firm to help form your business, review critical contracts, or assist in many other incidental legal situations.

Whether your business needs assistance with formation, intellectual property, contracts, or just outside general counsel, The Browne Firm is here to help. Our Manhattan business lawyer is prepared to meet your company's legal needs. Dial (914) 290-5622 or contact us onlineto schedule your consultation.


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