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Helping Clients Build & Protect Their Businesses in Westchester County and New York Metro Area.

The Browne Firm strives to deliver cost-effective and efficient solutions to help our clients, their families, and their companies thrive. We're a law firm in Westchester County & New York City led by attorney Danielle Browne that focuses on helping creative professionals, entrepreneurs, and business owners seeking legal solutions that can protect their investments and assets.

We believe in helping clients like you with business law, intellectual propertyentertainment law, and estate planning matters because we want to help rising communities create generational wealth. Helping clients build a legal framework for their businesses or safeguard intellectual property are just a few ways we can help them plant the seeds for continued success.

For more information about how The Browne Firm can help, contact us online or call (914) 530-3070 today and schedule a consultation!


Attorney Danielle Browne strives to be more than a lawyer in New York: She's a trusted advisor to her clients because she leverages her experience in entrepreneurship to work with them as a team. Whether you're scaling your business, fulfilling your potential, or negotiating terms that work more favorably for you, your ambitions become our goals.

We strive to be an advocate for each of our clients – part of that means striving to be as approachable, responsive, and proactive as possible.

It also means speaking clearly with our clients and leaving the legal jargon to the side. We want our conversations with our clients to be clear so they can understand their options each step of the way.

Whether you're an entrepreneur, more experienced business owner, or a creative professional looking for legal to help protect what's important to you, The Browne Firm can help.

Begin working with us today by calling (914) 530-3070 to speak with an attorney in New York Metro Area who can help.

Flat Fee Billing

In order to maximize our transparency with you we offer our services at a flat rate. You don't have to worry about surprise billable hours.

Client and Results Driven

We are more than just a law firm as we are in partnership with our clients. We celebrate results, set challenging goals and we do not shy away from accountability.

Honest Communication

We honor our commitments by following through on our promises and following-up to ensure that everything is completed in accordance with the commitment we made.

Tremendous Knowledge & Experience

We take pride in the quality of everything we touch and do. We will always work to be better tomorrow than we are today.

Accessible & Responsive

We understand the importance of responding to our clients quickly and that is why we promise to respond to all communications within 24 hours.


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The Browne Firm Is Here for You

Contact The Browne Firm today if you’re an entrepreneur or business owner who needs an attorney in Westchester County who can help you resolve matters concerning business law and estate planning. We’re a legal service provider with offices in Mt. Vernon and Manhattan that can help you defend the assets and property that help make your businesses what it is. Our services can also offer security for your family when they look toward the future.

Discover how The Browne Firm can make a difference for you by reaching out to us today.