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Contracts exist everywhere, but the entertainment industry is one where they're a daily matter of fact. Working with an entertainment lawyer in Westchester County like The Browne Firm can help manage your contracts by helping you review their terms and negotiate preferable deals.

These are a few key factors in an entertainment contract that we can help you understand and negotiate:

  • Ownership: This issue essentially comes down to who has control over something and how much control they have. For example, if you're an artist, you may want to make sure you have a say in how your work is advertised.
  • Creative Control: If you don't have any creative control in a contract, you may not have any say in what your image will look like. To use an exaggerated example, an R&B musician who didn't read the fine print may be molded into a country musician according to the contract they signed.
  • Royalties: When work is publicly performed or a copy of it is sold, royalties can be paid to those involved with creating it. That can be the artist, their production company or record label, studio, talent manager, etc. Your contract should outline the distribution of royalties. An entertainment lawyer in Westchester County can help you negotiate terms that are favorable to your interests.

If you're involved with the entertainment industry near Westchester County, reach out to The Browne Firm for help with concerns you may have regarding your control over what your image or what you create. We can help.


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