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Intellectual Property Attorney in Mt. Vernon

Intellectual Property Attorney in Mt. Vernon

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If you're a business owner or entrepreneur, it's likely that you have intellectual property that you don't want anyone else to get their hands on. This can be especially true for entertainment professionals who want to protect their scripts, novels, or other creative works. Business owners may also be concerned with copyrighted assets along with trademarked items like their name, logo, slogan, product names, etc.

If you have a piece of intellectual property that you want to secure, reach out to The Browne Firm for help. We offer clients services to help them protect their businesses' identifying assets and creative works. This type of work is important to attorney Danielle Browne because she knows that protecting intellectual property means you alone can benefit from marketing your brand and ideas.

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Helping You Protect Your Trademarks

The identity of your company is vitally important to your business. Not only does it help customers and clients know who you are, but your various trademarks can also work to tell people what you do and what your values are. In essence, your company's trademarks are any abstract representation of your company and should be protected.

Trademarks can be any of the following:

  • Company's name
  • Logo
  • Mascot
  • Catchphrase
  • Pictures
  • Word marks
  • Colors

As the owner of these assets, you can leave them unregistered or have an intellectual property attorney in Mt. Vernon like The Browne Firm help you register them with the federal government. Registered trademarks (®) are those that you can exclusively associate with your goods and services nationwide while unregistered trademarks (™) may offer less protections.

The Browne Firm can help clients in Westchester County research whether or not the trademarks they want are already in use or registered with the federal government. If not, we can help you register your trademarks to lessen the risk of legal ramifications from other claimants in the future.

Copyright Protection Assistance

Artistic works such as literature, films, photographs, and more are intellectual property governed by copyright law. That means that even if your company doesn't operate in an explicitly creative industry, any booklets, videos, or other media you produce during the course of business are copyrighted works.

Although copyrights are established the moment a work is created, registering it can be an additional protection. It may even add assurance of your ownership if you think someone else may attempt to claim your work as theirs. Even if you simply want the security of knowing that your ownership is in the public record, the intellectual property attorney in Mt. Vernon at The Browne Firm would be happy to help you feel more confident in your claim over your work.

What Can't Be Copyrighted?

You may have a good notion by now about what you can copyright, but it's important to know what's not protected by law.

The following can't be enforced under copyright law:

  • Discoveries, ideas, procedures, methods, concepts
  • Improvised works that are otherwise not tangibly fixed by a choreography, script, etc.
  • Familiar designs or symbols
  • Mere variations of color, lettering, or typography
  • Contents or ingredients

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